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Zonex Air Systems

Zonex Air Systems as one of the leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment is committed to create environmentally responsible building solutions that deliver energy performance, reduce power consumption and decreases life-cycle costs. We are committed to reduce our own impact on global climate change and motivate others to do the same. In addition, we support green building initiatives by investing resources in the various industry committees and expertise in designing and manufacturing energy-efficient Air Handling products for HVAC applications. 

Green Buildings Demand for environmentally responsible buildings are growing as realized by users and hence it is no more considered as a cost but as an investment. Green buildings are designed for keeping energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainable materials in mind. At Zonex, we understand the importance of supplying our customers an Air Handling Systems that should meet and conform to environmental standards while focusing on green-build initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable work environment. With architects, designers, customers, suppliers, and our employees, Zonex embraces environmental responsibility. As a leading supplier of HVAC systems and services, Zonex is prepared to help the stakeholders achieve their green building goals. 

Zonex custom made air handling units are specially designed to meet the most stringent project specifications for applications such as Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Process Industries, Hospitality, Institutions, and industry clean rooms. Zonex modular air handling units are based on a robust casing design and high-quality components to provide the highest quality and reliability available in the market. 

We, as one of the leading HVAC equipment manufacturers, can provide the exact solution. Our experience and expertise in designing, commissioning and maintaining HVAC systems not only guarantee a solution, but it also gives you complete efficiency and peace of mind. 

The Zonex air handling units deliver Superior performance, Highest quality, and reliability, Customized design, Lower energy consumption & Lower installed costs. Our products are well tested for performance as per the design condition for longevity, sustainability, and durability. 

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